Cyber Forensics

Computing Device Forensics


Cyber Forensics cover multiple areas including the following:

Work Station Computers, Laptop Computers, Servers, Mobile Devices such as S mart Phones and Wearables, Thumb Drives, Routers and Switches.

RSC rigorously maintains a chain-of-command Incident Response from first engagement that is followed throughout the entire processing methodology, in order to preserve evidence for both presentation to various Law Enforcement and in a Court of Law.

RSC follows a standard set of investigation procedures that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Isolation of the Computing Device to prevent investigation contamination.
  2. A digital copy is made of the Computing Device Storage Media. For Networks, we insert our proprietary Hardware sensors for passive investigation and analysis.
  3. RSC Cyber Security Engineers will accomplish all activities on the Digital Copies or on captured Network Traffic.
  4. All Forensic Analysis activites are captured and recorded. This information is attached to the Chain of Custody.
  5. Finally,RSC Cyber Security Engineers will render a report of all Forensic Analysis along with copies of all work accomplished in the Chain of Custody.

RSC utilizes a proprietary suite of software and hardware products to thoroughly investigate and accurately process Cyber Forensics.


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