Couple CWS with a Comprehensive Incident Response Program


  1. Automated and Manual Incident Response Procedures for all Cyber Events.
  2. Allow our Cyber Security Analysts to fight on your behalf coordinated Incident Response Checlisted Actions.
  3. Track Cyber Incident patterns in Real-time and maintain Regulatory Compliance.
  4. Historical and Real-time Reporting provides your Cyber Security Team with a key component of Threat Intelligence.
  5. Don't have a Cyber Security Team? With Incident Response and CWS allow our Cyber Team to augment your Information Technology Staff.

RSC Incident Response is an Add-on module to your Cyberwar Shield instances. It utilizes the information that has been stored about your Information Technology resources and applies appropriate Incident Response Actions to protect and prevent data leakage/breaches.

There are a lot of tools in the Cyber Security Market that will report Cyber Security Incidents. Now let RSC take you to the next level and do something about it!

It is crucial to understand that if a data breach occurs, what information was compromised and to what extent. Very often, Organizations are notified that a data breach has occurred and do not know the breadth and depth of the breach. These leads to punitive measures being applied at the maximum levels.

Most data breaches occur due to inadvertant negligence of internal Users. CWS using Cyber Incident Response can stop or minimize the damage. More importantly, it furnishes your Organization a means to determine not only the Why and How, but also the What...

All Information Security Programs and Policies require a mandatory Incident Response Program to be developed and implemented. RSC Cyber Incident Response can take the tediousness of having to create and maintain a formal Incident Response Program.

The Cyber Universe is a fast-paced and ever changing landscape of evolving Technologies. RSC Cyber Incident Response allows your Organization to keep pace with our intuitive Checklist Incident Response System.

One of the keys to executing a successful Cyber Incident Response Program is coordinating and communicating various efforts throughout your Organization. The RSC Cyber Incident Response System can help you achieve this goal from a Central Management Interface.


Single Sign-On

Integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) with an Federation and/or Open Identity Services

Responsive Design

Responsive User Interface that allows your staff to traing using their Workstation, Tablet, or Smart Phone

Automated Response

CWS integrated with Incident Response can automate Incident notifications and Actions.

Interactive Reporting

Real-time Report in interactive Dashboards that allow you to determine problem areas in a glance

Data Encyption

All Incident Response data is encrypted in storage and in transite to the Employee's Computing Devices

Procedural Checklists

RSC's Incident Response System Checklists ensures that manual and automated procedures are executed in the proper sequence.


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