"Multi-layer protection that encompasses the entire perimeter, extending throughout network interior and on to the End Points. CWS includes Internet filtering for network optimization."

Cyber Security Management for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, and IoT

Time to Change the Paradigm

In order to protect your Personal and Corporate information, you must understand WHO and WHAT is on your network.

  1. RSC introduces hardware/software solution that is Plug-N-Play and ready for easy install.
  2. Cyberwar Shield immediately establishes a baseline inventory of ALL your newtork devices and trafic patterns.
  3. Artificial Intelligence - Both internal and external traffic patterns are analyzed through our Neural Network which covers all endpoint vulnerabilities as well as internal applications and devices, including: printers, network switches, Internet-connected Smart appliances, alarm systems, network routers, etc.
  4. User-Friendly Dashboard for generating reports, preparing for audits, tracking data.
  5. As new Regulations are introduced, Cyberwar Shield automatically updates to ensure compliance is maintained.

How Does it Work?

Deploy LOCC Box

LOCC Box - Easy Install - compact, fan-less central command device.

LOC Sensors are deployed throughout internal networks and endpoints.

Both Box and Sensors are easily managed and controlled, and can be customized by the customer for every unique corporate environment. Multiple layers of encryption are woven through-out our proprietary software to ensure the highest level of data protection.

Maximize network performance by automatic restriction of adware sites.

Maximize network security by automatic restriction of known malware sites.


The LOCC Sensor (Box) will start the Inventory process. Each Computing Device that is attached to the internal network will be discovered and scanned. This first pass scan helps to identify the Computing Device for the Inventory Report.

RSC Cyber Analysts will coordinate with the Customer to positively identify each discovered Computing Device. The Computing Device Type, Purpose, Risk, and People that have access to it will be recorded and stored.


Based on the results of the Inventory, additional Hardware and Software LOCC Sensors will be deployed within the Customer's Technology Infrastructure.

The LOCC Sensors will enforce and protect the purpose for each Computing Device and User Access. Computing Device to Computing Device access will also be determined and enforced.

If the Customer has selected the Incident Response Module for CWS, automated and manual procedures will be developed, entered into the system, and deployed.

Activate & Shield

CWS is now complete and will be activated with 24 by 7 Managed Monitoring from the RSC ROC (Recon Operations Center). The Information Technology Infrastructure has now been put into a state where any deviation can be quickly detected and resolved.

Any intrusion can now be localized, scanned, and the threat level determined. Regulatory Compliance requirements have now been met and exceeded.


Unauthorized Computing Devices

Detection and Removal of unauthorized or unknown Computing Devices connected to the internal network (LAN)

Unwanted Web Sites

Detection and Restriction of unauthorized or unwanted External Computing Device access (Web Sites) Using RSC's Central Repository of Threat Intelligence, restrict access from known Websites that contain Malware, Ransomware, ...

Real-time Threat Intelligence

Be a part of the RSC Threat Intelligence Network. This Centralized Repository that is constantly updated with detected and removed threats throughout RSC's network of systems.

OS and Software

Detect, Analyze, and Restrict/Remove suspect Software Applications and illegal changes to the Operating System files of the Cyber Managed Computing Device.

Cyber Network

Cyber Management, Analysis, and Integration with Network Routers, Switches, Firewalls, compatible IDS and IDP.


Cyber Management and Analysis of IoT (Internet of Thing) Devices and intelligent measurement of their impact on your Organization.

Real Time Reports

Real-time and Historical Reporting for all Inventory, Events, and Incident Response Procedure activity are available from intuitive Dashboards.

At-A-Glance Dashboards

CWS Dashboards furnishes a quick to grasp, easy to understand Dashboards. These Dashboards ensure an accurate grasp of Cyber Security posture of your Information Technology resources.


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