Discover how RSC Cyber Awareness Training can empower your Work Force


  1. Learn more in 60 seconds than can be learned in 30 minutes! Our short, engaging video training segments are targeted for key Cyber Awareness within your organization.
  2. Maintain Employees interest and allow them to gain confidence in Cyber Awareness as they earn points during their training cycles.
  3. Create customized Awareness Training programs that will allow your staff to achieve and keep their edge.
  4. Stay up-to-date on regulation and compliance changes as they occur within the industry.
  5. Track the skill of your Employees in Cyber Awareness using our interactive reporting systems.

It is vital for your Employees to stay current and engaged with Cyber Awareness Training. The best Cyber Defense is your Educated Work Force, so don't waste it!

Ironically the greatest weakness is also people. Untrained and unaware individuals that are operating with the Web and the internal network can be a channel for Malware, Ransomware, etc., that will subject your Organization to a data breach.

New Regulations and Cyber Laws are being legislated at a rapid rate! Some of these new and updated regulations can have severe financial impacts on your organization.

RSC’s Cyber Awareness Training can keep your employees up-to-date and in-context of the latest regulation changes that affect your business.

"A picture paints a thousand words!" Video training can present a large amount of information in a condensed form. This provides a much needed consistency throughout your Organization.

This type of presentation allows information to be compartmentalized and focused. This makes it far more effective in helping individuals retain critical concepts far better than just text.


Single Sign-On

Integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) using Federation and/or Open Identity Services

Responsive Design

Responsive User Interface that allows your staff to accomplish training using their Workstation, Tablet, or Smart Phone

Training Cycles

Schedule continuous training to help Employees retain and extend their Cyber Awareness Knowledge

Interactive Reporting

Real-time Reporting in an interactive Dashboard that will allow you to determine problem areas at a glance

Data Encyption

All training data is encrypted in storage and in transit to the Employee's Computing Devices


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